Big thighs, guys vs. girls?!?

Large thighs, men vs. women?!?
Concern by Jenny**
So, i am curious if you see a lady of typical bodyweight, no ugly bulges and healthy hunting but carrying a massive butt and thighs is that unattractive or appealing?

Women opinons and fellas are welcome!
I assume the ladies will staple this as body fat exactly where as the fellas will be much more leniant

Best solution of Big thighs, men vs. ladies?!?:

Solution by nim

Massive thighs, men vs. girls?!? – Give your answer to this issue under!

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  1. sparklej95 says:

    I think it depends on what that person wants

  2. Mike L says:

    I’d have to say girls!

  3. call me desiree.♥ says:

    thats how im built!!
    im from the south, so we call girls built that way thick.
    its definitely attractive where im from.

  4. Timothy says:

    Normal weight but with huge thighs?
    Yes. That is a turn on.

  5. Hot_cakes says:

    big thighs on a girl is not a plesant sight to a man i think, while big thighs on a guy might look ok if he is athlectic build

  6. Greg_Sock says:

    If the girl isnt fat and she just has a thick butt and thighs then I think its pretty sexy

  7. Cool G says:

    Attractive. Given there’s some definition and it’s not entirely fat.

  8. ~Kay~ says:

    Your description kind of sounds like my body. And honestly, I would love to be skinnier. But as I’ve gotten older I see that having curves like that is more attractive and sexy. Look at Kim Kardashian and J.Lo. Most of they guys I’ve talked to like that look. I think no curves and really skinny is not attractive at all. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen some very beautiful skinny women. But I prefer some curves.

  9. Loving Potatoes says:

    I’m a girl so yeah that’s a little weird. Try some thigh thinning and butt firming exercises (check google). But be careful so you don’t get big muscles making them bigger and not smaller.

  10. m.i.s.s. says:

    It’s called curves! The only time I see it as “fat”, being a girl, is if the rest of the body is “fat” too. Curves are attractive